Bus Payment Information

The Weymouth School Committee policy addressing bus service for Weymouth students is below:
  • Free transportation is available to students in grades kindergarten through six who live more than two miles from their district school.
  • There is no free transportation for students in grades seven through twelve.
  • Students who are not eligible for free transportation will be offered the Pay Rider Transportation Program if sufficient space remains.
  • Students living under two miles from his or her school are not eligible for and may not receive bus transportation. Parents are encouraged to have alternate plans in case bus transportation is not offered through the Pay Rider Program for SY 2022-23.  
  • Students who qualify for bus transportation and who also qualify for free or reduced lunch will receive the transportation fee waived or reduced.
  • In order to ensure adequate space on buses, all students must ride the buses to which they are assigned. In addition, students must be picked up and dropped off at their assigned stops based upon residency.

Please make your 2022-23 bus payments once you have confirmed transportation in the Aspen parent portal (available beginning August 19, 2022)

  • The fee for one child is $235/year
  • The fee for two children is $470/year
  • The fee for three or more children is $590/year

You have two options for payments:

  1. Send a check made out to “Weymouth Public Schools”  to your child’s school.  Please include your child’s name on the check.  If you are paying for more than one child, please send a note with students’ names and schools, so we can record your payment at each school.
  2. We are pleased to announce you can now pay for bus fees online.  Access the online payment system here or by navigating to the WPS Transportation webpage and scrolling down to the "Bus Payments" section. 

    This will bring you to a page that says “Public Schools”

    Fee type - On drop down list choose “Bus Fee"

    Fill in School Name, Student’s First Name, Student’s Last Name, and Grade

    Store Items -  On drop down list choose “one child - $235” “two children - $470” or “three or more children - $590”

    Click on “Add to List”

    Click on “Review Your Information” - you can edit your information if there is an error or

    Proceed to the next page by clicking “Add Selected Invoices"

    When you are ready to pay, Click on “Proceed to Payment”

Payments are accepted by credit card or check.  Once the payment is completed on-line, your child’s account will be credited. You can print a receipt for your records. 

If you qualify for a reduced bus fee, please call your student’s school for the reduced amount and send the school a check or money order for that amount.

We hope you will find this payment option easy to use and more convenient.

Thank you!