Town-Wide Parent Council

Mission Statement

The Town Wide Parent Council is a parent representative organization whose primary objective is to network information to parents/guardians in the Weymouth Public Schools and to act as a liaison between parents and administrators. Town Wide cannot, as an organization, support any political issues. Political issues being defined in the by-laws as any issue subject to vote by the general population.


  • To stimulate greater awareness of the educational, administrative, and political procedures utilized by the Weymouth Public Schools.
  • To be a liaison between the school system and community at large.
  • To provide feedback to both the school committee and the school administration about parent concerns and questions.
  • To provide parents/guardians with information and resources to enhance the Weymouth School System.
  • To encourage greater exchange and sharing of resources among parents/guardians, teachers, principals, deans, housemasters, administration and the School Committee.
  • To be a resource supportive of all school parent councils and school councils of Weymouth.


Every parent/guardian with a child in the Weymouth Public Schools is a nonvoting member of the Weymouth Town Wide Parent Council. Any member can attend meetings and make motions of consideration.

The Weymouth Town Wide Parent Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm in the MJ Livingstone Humanities Center At Weymouth High School. These meeting are open to all parents, guardians, grandparents, and residents of Weymouth. Present at every meetings are Representatives from each of the Public Schools in the Town. The Town Wide Parent Council (TWPC) has joined forces with Weymouth's Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) to promote equal access to educational opportunities, exchange ideas, and share solutions to both complex and challenging issues facing all children in our schools and community.

Staff Contacts

Mary-Ellen DevineChair
Kelly StukenborgVice Chair
Kathy MidiSecretary
Pam OliverTreasurer