Champions: Before & After School Care


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At Champions, it’s all about bringing out the best in your child. Whether she chooses to nurture her inner scientist, artist, teacher, doctor, CEO, or all of the above, we give her the freedom to follow her curiosity and passion!

In our new curriculum, your child’s interests will shape what we decide to dig in and explore, and at the same time they'll be developing skills that will help create a solid foundation for learning and growth.


Fun activities play a big role in how your child will develop critical skills while she’s at Champions. It may just feel like playing to your child, but what’s really happening is learning that will last a lifetime! The activities in our curriculum focus on six developmental domains:

  • Character Development
  • Community
  • Creative Expression
  • Executive Function
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Literacy
  • Optional Program Components

Your child will be given the opportunity to dive even deeper into his interests by designing his own program ideas! He can explore a theme or topic that inspires him by starting a project, founding a classroom club, or taking on additional responsibilities in the program as a junior counselor.


Life is full of choices, and allowing your child to choose the activities she loves most keeps her excited to learn. Children have time every day to explore their own interests in areas like Creative Arts, the Library, Math and Construction, Puzzles and Games, and Science.

And There's More!

Homework Help: Whether it’s a science project, spelling test, or book report, our teachers are here to support your child in completing homework—which frees up time in the evenings for you to be together as a family.

Daily Fitness and Healthy Snacks: We help children develop healthy bodies and encourage proper nutrition through daily physical activity and healthy snacks.

Champions promotional video showcasing before and after school care and some of the offerings of this exciting new program.