School Committee

About the School Committee

The Weymouth School Committee is composed of seven members. The mayor serves by virtue of his office, and the other six are elected to four year terms. All members are elected "at large" meaning they are responsible for representing the whole town, not just one district.

As established by the town charter, as well as state law, The committee has four main responsibilities:

  • To hire and evaluate the performance of the Superintendent of Schools.
  • To partner with the schools' central administration to propose a budget that meets the needs of the schools, and matches the values of the broader community. The actual budget is the set by the mayor and town council, using the school committee proposal as a reference.
  • To set the policies by which the schools operate. The responsibility of devising methods to execute those policies lies with the Superintendent and her staff.
  • To negotiate contracts with collective bargaining units and individuals employed by the schools.

The committee has also established goals that can be accessed at this link.


There are four standing sub-committees. Information on each can be found at these links:

Other Committees

The School Committee also sends representatives to various other town committees. A list can be found here.

Also, the School Committee sends one member to the Town Wide Parent Council and one to the Special Education Parent Advisory Council each time those bodies meet. Each month, a different School Committee member is assigned to attend the meetings of each of these parent committees.

Watch and/or Participate in a Meeting

At each meeting, there is time for public comment. Anyone may speak about any item on the agenda. Comments should normally be restricted to the public comment period and should be under three minutes. The chair can, at her discretion, allow longer comment or participation at other times. Members of the public are always invited to observe and/or participate in public school committee meetings, and the public meetings of any of its sub-committees. Meetings will be posted not less than 48 hours ahead of time on the town calendar. A list of planned School Committee meetings can be accessed here.

School Committee meetings are often broadcast live on local access cable. Past meetings are accessible at Weymouth TVs website.

Official agendas, minutes, and documents used in meetings can be found here:  Agendas, Minutes, and Documents

Committee Members

Tracey NardoneChair(781) 331-2567
Rebecca Sherlock-ShangrawVice Chair

(781) 335-1460

Mary Ellen DevineSecretary 
Kathleen CurranMember(781) 335-7153
Danielle GrazianoMember

(781) 335-1460

Dana ScottMember(781) 335-1460
Mayor Robert HedlundMember 
Eileen PittsExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent/School Committee