Counseling Services

Our goal is to assist students in developing their full potential both academically and personally. Toward that end, we support the academic mission of Weymouth High School by helping students resolve personal and academic obstacles and by facilitating good student decision-making. We also enjoy working closely with students and parents in the comprehensive college selection and application process.

Staff Contacts

NamePhoneJob Title
Maria Carr(781) 337-7500 ext. 25173Adjustment Counselor - Gold Office
Kevin Carter(781) 337-7500 ext. 25165Guidance Counselor - Maroon Office
Kimberly Clancy(781) 337-7500 ext. 25158Guidance Counselor - Maroon Office
Virginia Disanto(781) 337-7500 ext. 25166Adjustment Counselor - Maroon Office
Margo Dornisch(781) 337-7500 ext. 25116Guidance Counselor - Gold Office
Mark Kowalski(781) 337-7500 ext. 25159Adjustment Counselor - Gold Office
Kelly Meads(781) 337-7500 ext. 25129Guidance Counselor - Gold Office
Diane Padula(781) 337-7500 ext. 25156Paraprofessional - Maroon Office
David Powers(781) 337-7500 ext. 25128Lead Teacher, Guidance Counselor - Gold Office
Andrea Scalata(781) 337-7500 ext. 25115Guidance Counselor - Gold Office
Brendan Sullivan(781) 337-7500 ext. 25114Adjustment Counselor
Marybeth Torpey(781) 337-7500 ext. 25130Adjustment Counselor
Brenda Walsh(781) 337-7500 ext. 25120Paraprofessional - Gold Office
Frank Woods(781) 337-7500 ext. 25161Guidance Counselor - Maroon Office