Teacher Education and Professional Standards (TEPS)

The TEPS committee consists of the Superintendent of Schools or his designee and seven members of the professional staff (appointed by the President of the WEA).

In order to maintain high professional standards, the committee approves proposals for courses leading to advancement on the Master’s +15, Master’s +30, Master’s +45, and Master’s +60 lanes.

Courses submitted for approval must have been taken within the twelve years immediately preceding their submission for approval. The courses must have earned graduate credits from an accredited college or university; must have been taken subsequent to the receipt of the Bachelor’s degree; and must not have been utilized in the attainment of the Master’s degree. Credits earned and approved by the TEPS Committee prior to September 1, 2003 continue to be valid for horizontal movement subsequent to this date. Upon approval by the TEPS Committee for Master’s +15, Master’s +30, Master’s +45, and Master’s +60, documentation of credits must be sent to the Office of the Superintendent.

To submit for reimbursement: Complete the most recent TEPS application and submit the original to Joseph Wilkins at WHS. Ensure that all information on the application is accurate and that the course titles will match the titles shown on your documentation. 2022-2023 deadlines for submission of applications are September 7, 2022, January 4, 2023, April 5, 2023, and June 1, 2023.