Clubs and Advisors 

 smpawClubs and Activities are offered to students so they can develop social skills, learn new hobbies and participate inappropriate leisure time activities. Co-curricular, extracurricular,and special interest groups are a valuable asset to student life at WHS. These groups help develop talents and skills, educate students beyond the regular school day, and provide times and memories that make high school an enjoyable part of one's life. Our challenge to every student is to get involved in the WHS experience.

WHS recognizes the extracurricular programs as an integral part of the curriculum. We believe that well-organized,purposeful activities reinforce and enrich the classroom experience. As there is much to be learned outside the "walls" of the classroom, clubs and organizations become instrumental vehicles for students to both learn about and to become a part of the school. Established organizations appear below. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular programs and to request the information of clubs in which they are interested. Clubs and organizations are limited only bythe interests of the students.smpaw


smpawART CLUB: (Advisor: Mr. & Mrs. Bunker, room 113) The WHS Art Club offers students a supportive studio environment where the principles and techniques of several art mediums are taught through structured assignments. Students who have a creative spark will find this club to be a strong outlet where their creative voice can be expressed. Students need no previous experience in formal art training to attend. Club will meet twice a month.  

smpaw DRAMA CLUB:  (Mr. Norton, Adams Intermediate School) the theater is a place for everyone!  Reimagining and exploring the lives of others aids in the growth of self.  Participating in the theater allows our students to become more introspective and empathetic.  Understanding our selves and the feelings of others are among the most humanizing qualities we possess.  The Weymouth High School Drama Club helps facilitate this growth in students.  Students will be afforded the opportunity to perform and study technical theater in many varied forms including musicals, plays, and improvisation.  For more information, please leave a message in his mailbox located in the Maroon Mailroom at WHS.


smpaw HIKING CLUB:  (Advisors:  Mr. Rand & Mr. Bunker) The WHS Hiking club offers a unique opportunity for students to explore several local parks and reservations with faculty lead hikes after school. The club is open to students of all levels regardless of past hiking experience. Preparedness, map reading, navigation and safety are emphasized with a focus on outdoor appreciation. Hikes will be dependent on weather conditions. 

smpawHOMEWORK HOTSPOT:  (Advisors: Ms. McCarthy & Ms. O’Neill, Library), Homework Hotspot is available Monday through Thursday in the library after school until 3:20. Students needing to use the library resources, finish work on the computers, get some help with their homework, or simply need a quiet place to work are more than welcome.  Homework Hotspot is supervised by a teacher each day.  Please contact Ms. Brown (science) or Mrs. O'Neill (library) for more information


smpawSADD (STUDENTS AGAINST DESTRUCTIVE DECISIONS):  (Advisor:  Ms. Lohmeyer) The mission of SADD is to give students the power to change their own environment and save lives.  Many activities are sponsored throughout the year.  The meetings are every Wednesday, directly after school, in room 119.  All new members are welcome.   


smpaw CLASS ADVISORS 2012-2013  smpaw 



 Amnesty International  


  Mr. Schlicting & Mr. Rand  



  Art Club  



  Ms. Bunker & Mr. Bunker 





  Mr. Shirosky & Mr. Sheldon



  Best Buddies   



  Ms. Baumann & Ms. Henderson  



  Class Play


  Mr. Norton 


 Dance Team - Varsity


  Ms. Roberts 




  Mrs. Monahan 


  DKAS (Depression Knowledge  Awareness Squad) 


  Ms. Scalata  


  Drama Club   



  Mr. Norton 



 Freshman Class Advisors


 Mr. Doo & Ms. Montgomery 


 Gay Straight Alliance GSA


Ms. Duseau 


  Hiking Club    



  Mr. Rand & Mr. Bunker



  Homework Hotspot   



  Ms. O’Neill    



  Junior Class Advisor


 Mr. & Mrs. Rand 


  Literacy Magazine   


  Ms. Bunker


  Math Team


 Mr. Duseau & Ms. Hickey 


  National Honor Society 


  Mr. Cole  




Mr. & Mrs. Rand 




  Mr. DuFresne 


  Rotary Club


Mr. Schlicting 




  Ms. Lohmeyer 


  School Ambassadors


 Ms. Lohmeyer 


  Select Choir


  Mr. Shirosky 


  Senior Class Advisors


 Ms. Stefaney & Mr. Secor 


  Senior Committee


Ms. Stefaney & Mr. Secor 


  Skills USA


 Ms. Bowen & Mr. Tausevich 


  Sophomore Class Advisor   



  Ms. Bowen



  Student Senate/Leaders


 Ms. LeBlanc


  Teenage Democratic Club


  Mr. Cole  


 Variety Show  



  Mr. Bunker    





  Mr. Hamilton & Mr. Sheehan


  Yearbook Advisors


  Ms. Bunker & Ms. Monahan




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