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College Financing Seminar - Dec 9th @ WHS

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DECEMBER  9 COLLEGE FINANCING / MEFA SEMINAR       6:30/AUDITOR. – THURS.                                                                                                                                            

Parents and Students are invited to attend MEFA’s free comprehensive presentation on College Financing. The seminar will be hosted by Weymouth High School on December 9th at 6:30 PM. An experienced MEFA representative will discuss the financial aid process. The seminar will teach parents how to apply for financial aid, compare financial aid award letters, and seek financing options. Families will receive a seminar booklet which serves as a year-round resource. Time is allowed for questions and answers.  


DECEMBER 21st  REVERSE COLLEGE DAY                                   GOLD CAFÉ-TUESDAY  



- Recent WHS graduates will return to present information on the school they are currently attending. Students are invited on a large scale basis to partake in this "college fair" environment specific to the WHS student population.  



Reasons to Consider a non-New England school

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Okay, so I know the idea is not popular around here... leaving home... but I happen to be a huge advocate of getting out to see the world beyond Weymouth, beyond Massachusetts, beyond New England.


I met yesterday with a college representative from University of Alabama, and she reminded me of some of the wonderful reasons to consider... just consider... looking beyond our normal sights for college admissions.


1) Admissions: If you apply to a school in an area outside of New England, you actually could have a better shot at admission since committees often recruit out of area students in order to geographically diversify their campuses. This could mean getting into a school of a higher caliber in the rankings, more competitive programs, etc. just because you are from Massachusetts!


2) Financial Aid: Generally you are still going to have to qualify academically for scholarships, but because admissions departments may be specifically looking for students from out of the normal range, your financial aid package could be particularly generous. Many of these schools have lovely large endowments from big deal alumni which is a huge help for defraying costs to new students. (Yeah! We love generous financial aid packages!)


3) TOTAL Cost: Overall, especially if you look at school in the southern US states, the cost of tuition, fees, room and board, etc. is less than what it costs up here.  This makes sense due to cost of living in general, etc.  For example, when meeting with the rep from University of Alabama, they estimate that the TOTAL cost for the student from the Boston area, including two round trip flights, transportation to/from airports, tuition, room, board, books, etc...(and there were a lot of etc...) would be about $34K per year. 


4) School Spirit:  Okay, I know I may become not popular for saying this, but the school spirit in some of the schools, particularly in the southern states is HUGE, maybe more so than some schools in this area. You've watched those college sports, the attendance at games, the school colors, the band playing the school fight song... it's a big deal, a very big deal.  And if it's something you're looking for, all I'm saying is that school spirit will generally not be short on supply in a school in the South.


5) Top Ranking Schools: Think you can't get a quality education outside of New England?  Think again, check out the rankings and you'll see that some of the top programs and top schools are located elsewhere, and they'd be thrilled to have a New England student attend their top-ranked institution.


6) Large Alumni Networks:  Large schools, no matter what the location offer large alumni networks.  This could mean internships, summer job and after college job opportunities... many large universities have alumni spread out throughout the United States.  Asking about Boston area alumni is a worthy question when considering an out of area school.  How many are there and how strong is the network? 


Concern about being far from home:  Really and truly, you will be in touch all the time as you are now, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, phone, texting.... you won't be able to bring your laundry home all the time, but trust me, you'll be in touch. 


All I'm asking is that you consider it.  Consider schools outside your geographic comfort zone. Apply to a "reach" in a different area, apply to a strong program, and see what happens with admissions and financial aid - you might be positively surprised and when it comes to admissions and financial aid, we love happy surprises!

Don't have the time to visit a college - try a virtual visit!

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If you would like to be able to visit a college, but it’s too far for a quick weekend trip or you find yourself tied up with other activities, consider signing up on www.collegeweeklive.com  for virtual college fairs, virtual college open houses, and live online chats with college admissions representatives.


You can go to the website, create an account and get sent information about colleges you are interested in, when they are having online events, etc.   


In this digital age, it’s just one more way to learn about colleges to which you may otherwise have less exposure.


Early Action Deadline - Monday, Nov 15th!

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Alert! If you intend to apply Early Action for a school with a November 15th deadline... that's Monday, as in less than one week from right now.  If you haven't already talked to your Guidance Counselor about it... you better do so ASAP. 


Generally speaking, we like to have information, brag sheets, envelopes, etc. 2 weeks in advance of a college deadline.  If you are concerned about this, please see your Guidance Counselor, ASAP. The next big Early Action deadline is Nov 30th/Dec 1st.


Also, please note that schools with January 1st deadlines, must have been processed through our office PRIOR to the holiday break... since we are not here for the holiday break.  Do yourself and everyone else in your life who is going to stress out over this a favor and get the necessary paperwork to the Guidance Office 2 weeks prior to your deadlines.

What did you do this weekend?

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What's that you say?


You did all of your homework, an extra credit project AND you fit in a college visit?  You ARE a superstar.


I wrote recommendations, possibly yours. (Unless, of course, you haven't given me your brag sheet yet - better get on that!)

Seniors, don't panic!

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Did you apply early to your colleges and are now receiving a letter from the Admissions Department stating that your application is missing necessary pieces?


Please don't panic.  If you gave your counselor the envelopes, stamps, and other necessary documents, chances are - the letter from the college and the documents from WHS crossed in the mail and you are all set.


What can you do to quell your fears?  Call the Admissions office of the college and ask them to recheck your application file to see if the documents have arrived yet.  Often, they'll ask you for your student ID or application file # which is often on the email or letter they sent. You can use this to check or double check your application status.


Rarely does the paperwork actually get lost - delayed, maybe - due to high volumes of mail coming in, etc.  Sometimes the mail is there and simply not logged as present in their system yet... so overall, don't panic, please!

Have you seen your Guidance Counselor Lately?

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You should be seeing your Guidance Counselor regarding: 



- What your post high school plans are... no matter what they are... keep us in the loop!

- Check your status for graduation credits, courses, etc.

- Sign up for college representative visits.

- Naviance login information (college database and tracking system)

- Pick up a Brag Sheet, etc. Find out what you should be doing for college applications (yes, you should be doing things...)



- Check your status for graduation credits, courses, etc.

- Sign up for college representative visits.

- Current progress in classes, are you struggling?

- Naviance login information (your personality and interest profile and college profiles)


Sophomores & Freshmen 

- Current progress in classes, are you struggling?

- Talk about possible strategies to get you on track, progress reports, parent meetings, peer tutoring, after school homework hotspot, organizational assistance, etc.

- Career Exploration tools

- Looking for opportunities to get involved in after school activities?