Library Media Center

AAMS Library Media Services
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The Library/Media Center, the information hub of the school, welcomes all students and faculty. The center circulates print and non-print materials that support the curriculum. Internet access is available. The Media Center is staffed by Mrs. Delgallo and parent volunteers committed to seeing its services used to the fullest.

Library Automation System (School Network Only) 

A small collection of books on CD are available from the Library/Media Center. These are an excellent source of entertainment and recreation, especially for middle school students. Audio books make delightful companions for the whole family while traveling by car. Listening to unabridged books improves skills in tracking, expression, and reading fluency.

Summer Reading 

Students entering grades 5 through 8 are required to read two books during the summer and to fill out an assessment form for each book.

In order to receive a passing grade, two books must be read.

The two forms will be collected during the first week of school and will be counted as a pass/fail grade on the first term report card.

Students are encouraged to read additional books and to complete a form for each to be eligible for prizes that will be given out in the fall.

A student may read from a higher grade level list but not from a lower grade level list.  Many of the titles may be found at the public library

(If a student wishes to read a book not on the lists, it must be age appropriate and reading level-appropriate for that student.)

Library Tributes or Donations

We always appreciate donations that are made to honor birthdays or to honor the passing of someone. These books have a special bookplate placed in the front of the title to commemorate the person being remembered. If you have any questions regarding the donation of books, please contact the main office. Thank you.