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The VIP program, which stands for Volunteers in Practice, is an honors society for student volunteerism. It exists to honor Weymouth students who do valuable, inspirational and purposeful service. 

To date, Weymouth High School students have poured over hundreds of thousands of hours of good into our community and beyond. Their volunteerism has strengthened our town and touched lives as they’ve hosted food drives, cleaned up parks, supported the troops, and much more. Though the impact of all students involved in volunteerism is great, some students exceed volunteerism expectations. Through their outstanding volunteerism, these students earn a special standing as a “VIP,” or a Volunteer In Practice. Once nominated to the society, student VIPs take leadership roles to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Each year the VIPs run various community service initiatives at the high school and spread the spirit of volunteerism throughout the district by visiting primary school classrooms.  In the spring, the VIPs host the annual Weycathlon.  The Weycathlon is a district-wide field day to raise money for the Weymouth Public Schools.  Eight teams – one for each neighborhood primary school - compete in field-day events for the Weymouth Cup.  Each primary school team consists of current primary students as well as alumni from the middle and high schools.  Primary and middle school students who have demonstrated valuable, inspirational and impactful volunteerism either in, or out of the classroom, are invited by their home-school.  High school students who wish to participate raise $50 for the event in a walk-a-thon style fundraising campaign.  The winning team takes home the coveted Weymouth Cup. 

To learn more about the VIP program visit our website