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The VIP program, which stands for Volunteers in Practice, is an honors society for student volunteerism. It exists to honor Weymouth students who do valuable, inspirational and purposeful service.  

To date, Weymouth High School students have poured over 70,000 hours of good into our community and beyond. Their volunteerism has strengthened our town and touched lives as they’ve hosted food drives, cleaned up parks, supported the troops, and much more. Though the impact of all students involved in volunteerism is great, some students exceed volunteerism expectations. Through their outstanding volunteerism, these students earn a special standing as a “VIP,” or a Volunteer In Practice. Once nominated to the society, student VIPs take leadership roles to be the change they wish to see in the world.

This year, the WHS VIPs exercised that leadership by opening the VIP Student Center at Weymouth High School. This office is run by students for students and exists to help support volunteerism opportunities throughout the school. More importantly, it helps our VIPs organize and run volunteerism events themselves. One such event this year was the Chores for Change campaign that the VIPs ran at Ralph Talbot and Hamilton Primary schools. In this program, primary school students did chores at home in exchange for donations from family members. The money they raised was then donated to families in need and the Weymouth Food Pantry. Combined, the students at Talbot and Hamilton raised over $2,000 through the program.

On April 16th, 41 primary school students, who went above and beyond for the program, were inducted as Jr. VIPs at the annual Celebrate Volunteerism Rally held in conjunction with the New England Patriot’s Charitable Foundation. In addition, 22 WHS students were also inducted into the program thanks to their valuable, inspirational, and purposeful service. Next year the VIPs will look to expand chapters into other schools in order to recognize and spread a culture of contribution throughout the district.

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