Student Logins

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UPDATE:  Ninth grade student accounts will open on 8/14 by 9:00a.m.  Only homeroom information will be available.  You will receive an email with your student information for logging in.

Dear Parents and Students,

Please be aware that schedules and homeroom information IS NOT available in Aspen throughout the summer. Clicking on any area where this information would be, will result in an error message.  The ability to see HOMEROOM information will be restored on August 14th for 9th graders.  All other access will be restored on September 6th.

If you have trouble accessing your account, please email the appropriate X2 email address.  Please be aware, that these email addresses are not monitored during the summer, so replies will be delayed until September.


 If you have problems with your student login for your computer, school email or X2 account, please send an email to:  


Email Link:  (Grade 9-11)

X2 link: 

 Microsoft Sky Drive 

                                              Naviance link: 


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