Faculty Professional Learning Communities

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To foster a greater understanding of student needs, gain increased insight on instructional practices, and to better ensure that all Weymouth High School School students have access to the best educational and social experience possible, Weymouth Weymouth High School teachers participate in a range of Professional Learning Communities.  Professional Learning Communities at Weymouth High School are an ongoing process used to establish a school wide culture that is based on a fundamental belief in building teacher leadership in school improvement efforts. Through participation in PLCs, teachers enhance their leadership capacity as they work as members of ongoing, high-performing, collaborative teams that focus on improving student learning.  The main goals of each Weymouth High School Professional Learning Community are to:

  • provide a systematic means of improving instruction and school culture
  • opportunities to examine and fine-tune their instructional practice
  • increased teacher collaboration and an increase in the use of effective instructional practices in classrooms
  • improved student achievement

Weymouth High School faculty members work together in regularly scheduled meetings that are structured around questions that expand learning which lead to improved practices for teachers and administrators.  Ultimately, the results of these meetings contribute to higher achievement for all students.  Each professional learning community engage in a number of practices including the use of protocols, employing text based seminars, analyzing student work, teacher work, and a broad range of assessment data, creating collaborative common assessments, and learning walks and peer-to-peer observation.