Alternative Academic Supports

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Weymouth High School recognizes that many students have needs that may exceed the traditional supports and services that exist in the mainstream high school. To provide support for those students that match their individual needs and to ensure that they are able to continue to make academic progress, Weymouth High School offers the following alternative supports:

Foundation Academy

Foundation Academy is an alternative education program located within Weymouth High School. Foundation Academy is designed to provide a supportive educational environment, leading to personal growth, academic achievement and responsible citizenship for high school students during the regular school day. Foundation Academy provides students with small class sizes, a dedicated location within the building for learning, therapeutic counseling services and familiar and supportive teachers.


Q5 is a self-sustaining tuition based alternative academic support program that occurs during the summer months at Weymouth High School. It is an enhancement of the traditional summer school model that serves middle and high school students using a combination of online learning and direct instruction. Students are enrolled in Q5 for either credit recovery or enrichment purposes. To recover credit in Q5 courses, students must obtain approval from their grade level dean and guidance counselor.



The Decisions Program is an off campus academic and social support program for middle and high school students. Students are placed at the Decisions program on a temporary basis to obtain extra levels of support for academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs. At Decisions students are better able to generate the needed focus and attention to make significant personal gains. Coursework at Decisions is obtained from the teachers of record at the student’s school and is delivered to the Decisions Program each day. Students are also able to access their coursework digitally through the online educational services offered at Weymouth High School.