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Dear Pingree Friends and Family,

Unbelievably, the 2016- 2017 school year is drawing to a close.

Our fourth grade students are ready to face the challenges of Middle School and I am eager to have them to come back and visit as they are ready to graduate High School in a few years.

Every child who comes through the doors of Pingree becomes one of mine and I love to hear how they are progressing in life knowing that we have given them the head start that prepares them for the bigger world.

As the long hot summer approaches I would remind you to see that your child continues to read during the summer. They will also be able to continue to use Lexia with their current logins and passwords. That being said, it is also important that they get lots of fresh air and exercise. Play is as important a part of a child’s education as the classroom. Vacations are a great time for learning, whether it is a visit to a museum or a walk in the park talking about everything they see.  Discussing what they already know as well as what they can learn in any new environment adds to their overall knowledge and will help them when they return in September.  

It is so important to keep their young minds active as well as their bodies. Electronic devices are great for rainy days but limited use allows children to find other creative ways to entertain themselves.  Any type of arts and crafts, coloring, building with Legos, etc.  lets your child use their talents and allows them to show what they can do. When you as parents spend time interacting with your child it shows them that you are interested in what they are doing and learning.

Two months away from school gives your child a chance to regroup and recharge.  Enjoy this time with them. Childhood is quick and fleeting (although it doesn’t seem like it at times) and every minute with your child should be cherished.

Pingree and I will be waiting with open arms to welcome everyone back in the fall.

Happy summer,

Mrs. Guilfoy


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