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Dear Pingree Friends and Families,

February is here and I am optimistic that winter is on its way out. I hope that Mr. Groundhog does not see his shadow so we can have an early spring.

We are continuing kindergarten registration until February 2nd. If you have a child or know of a child that should be starting school in September you can go to our Pingree website for information on the registration process.

On February 6th, all students will be dismissed at 11:45 for teacher’s professional development. There will be afternoon WeyCare, but please notify WeyCare staff ahead of that day so they can ensure that they have adequate staff.

Our winter break will be from February 19th to February 23rd. I hope all students will continue to do daily reading and/or Lexia practice. It is important that they have academic stimulation as well as play time during the week. If weather permits it is also beneficial for students to get outside and enjoy the fresh albeit cold air.

As always I would remind you to make sure that students are properly dressed for the weather even if you do not anticipate that they will be outside during the school day.

Exciting news……Due to the overwhelming support we received at our Barnes and Noble night in December we have been able to add several new books to our library. We hope that your child will enjoy having access to these wonderful titles. Last June we automated our library so you and your child can see what is available just by going to our Pingree website and click on Destiny Book Search link on the left hand side. This will give you a chance to “explore” our library with your child and discuss titles that you think he or she would enjoy. Making library time family time will add to your child’s excitement with reading.

If your child is experiencing any difficulties in school please feel free to call the school and set up an appointment so that we may discuss it. Every child at Pingree is one of mine and their concerns are my concerns. I want every child to come to school knowing that they will be safe and happy.

Mrs. Guilfoy



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