Class of 2016 Meets Class of 2024

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Pingree School was honored by a visit of the Pingree alumni who are graduating this year. They paraded through the halls to cheers from our students. Afterwards they met with all the students in the gym and offered them advice about the future. One theme that ran throughout their discussion was the importance of working hard, respecting their teachers and finding enjoyment in whatever they choose to do.

We thank graduates Carly McKinnon, Kaleigh King, Calli Remillard, Katy Cahill, Emily Perriello, MaryJane McNiff, Hannah Hutchinson, Olivia Owen, Molly Delorey, Brendan Campbell, Stephanie Smith, Jake White, Cody Antonino, Marc Stokes, Bobby Coyle, Colin Lauro, Jonathan Meade, David Welch, Justin Hailey, Shaun Fleming and John Budenas. 

Also on hand to welcome them back were all their fourth grade teachers; Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs Brooks. 

It was a truly memorable day for both the graduates and the Pingree students.

Congratulations Class of 2016!!