Mission & Values

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Mission Statement:
It is our belief that each student is unique and able to learn.  We have a commitment to provide learning experiences of high standards and expectations for all students.  Responsive evaluation, instruction and assessment will support each individual student's learning.  The fostering of individual growth in responsibility, respect and cooperation will be an ongoing process.  Our mission will be achieved through the active partnership of staff, students, parents and the community.

School Motto:
"Learning and growing together"

Our School:
Built in 1957, our school was named in honor of Lawrence W. Pingree, a 1941 graduate of Weymouth High School. Lawrence became a Navy pilot and was killed in action in 1944. Pingree School currently has approximately 250 students in grades K-4.  


We are a team,
of courage and heart.
Every member
holds a critical part.

No matter what,
we shall never quit,
Tough and determined,
with plenty of grit.

Now is the time,
for us to excel.
Whole student growth
is the goal to compel.

Only one thing,
should remain in our mind,
and how we shall find.

It's all inside of us,
obvious and clear,
There is nothing,
we should hold back or fear.

Through our victory,
student success shall be served,
At the end of the day,
our legacy,

will be forever preserved.