Make A Difference - Recycle

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Make A Difference - Recycle
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There is a Textile Recycle Bin at every Weymouth Public School

Community Welcome and Encouraged to Contribute Textiles!

Responsible Disposal

earns funds for the Weymouth Public Schools

and saves the Town of Weymouth Disposal Costs

All of the following can be donated in any condition as long as it’s clean and dry:

Bedding:  Comforters, Sheets,

Pillow Cases, Pillows, Blankets

Jeans Socks
Belts Jerseys Stuffed Animals
Boots Pajamas Suits
Coats Pants Sweaters
Curtains/Draperies Purses Sweatpants
Dresses Shirts Sweatshirts
Flip Flops Shoes Table Linens
Hats Shorts Ties
Jackets Skirts T-Shirts


Slippers Undergarments/Bras


Damaged Items Accepted

If they cannot be re-used for their original use, they will be used to become raw materials

for other products; ie: sneakers become asphalt, jeans become insulation, etc.

EVEN Single Shoes, Single Socks, Ripped/Torn Items

Why recycle textiles?

Each year tons of textiles are dumped in the trash, and costs our town money.  Recycling saves on trash disposal costs and earns recycling revenue for our schools.

How & Where?

Bring your donations to the school of your choice in a plastic bag and simply place them in the open chute of the special textile recycling container.


All types of clothing, footwear and household textiles plus handbags, belts, and stuffed animals.

What happens to my donations? 

Items are sorted into different grades, including usable / non-usable items and cotton and synthetics.  Usable items are then redistributed to markets in economically challenged areas, where there is a demand for wearable clothing or other materials.  Non usable items are shredded and used for fillers in many new products.

Non-acceptable Items:  Carpets, mattresses, rags used with oil, gasoline, etc.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle