WPS Policy Manual

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This manual contains the official policies of the Weymouth School Committee (reproduced on white paper); the major regulations intended to implement policy (yellow paper); and certain reference or "exhibit" documents that relate to policies and/or regulations (green paper).

Policy development in a modern, forward-looking school system is a dynamic, ongoing process. New problems, issues, and needs give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones. This is why the committee employs the loose-leaf format for this manual. It is easy to keep up to date.

Each person holding a copy of this manual should make a diligent effort to keep it up to date as new policies, regulations, and exhibits are distributed by the central office.

How to Use this Manual

The school department operates according to policies established by the school committee. The committee then appraises the effects of its policies and makes revisions as necessary.

In the interests of harmony, efficiency, uniformity of interpretation, coordination of effort, and in fairness to all concerned, the committee makes this manual available to all who are affected by its policies.

Please Note: All copies of this manual are the property of the Weymouth Public Schools. 


Section A - Foundations and Basic Commitments

Section B - School Board Governance and Operations

Section C - General School Administration

Section D - Fiscal Management

Section E - Support Services

Section F - Facilities Planning Development

Section G - Personnel

Section H - Negotiations

Section I - Instruction

Section J - Students

Section K - School Community Home Relations

Section L - Educational Agency Relations