Policy Updates

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Current Policies Under Review for 5/25/17 School Committee Meeting:

Policies with proposed changes:

First Reading:


Third  Reading:

EEAG - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles


The School Committee Policy Manual is a working document that guides school leaders, staff and other constituencies in the administration and management of the school district. When revisions are necessary because of changes in law or situations occur that warrant new policy, the School Committee completes a rigorous process of review and consideration before final approval.

The Policy Sub-Committee considers all revisions or additions before making a recommendation to the full Committee. Proposed policies then go through three readings in public meetings.

The first reading is an initial presentation of the proposed policy to the full Committee. 

The second reading provides an  opportunity for public comment. Prior to the second reading, proposed policies will be posted here so that individuals will be able to review the changes and prepare questions for public comment. 

The third reading allows the Committee to consider the feedback solicited from the public and vote to affirm, deny or modify the policy proposal. If affirmed, the proposal becomes policy and is included in the Policy Manual.