Committee of the Whole

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Committee of the Whole

Members: Lisa Belmarsh (Chair), Kathy Curran, Mayor Robert Hedlund, Tracey Nardone, Gail Sheehan, Rebecca Sherlock-Shangraw, John Sullivan.

Purpose: to provide a relatively informal forum for discussion between the School Committee and the Superintendent.

Meetings:  Meetings typically occur approximately once a month during the school year and are ordinarily held one hour before a regular School Committee meeting. The committee generally meets at a conference table in the Mary Jo Livingstone Humanities Center at Weymouth High School. Meeting agendas will be posted not less than 48 hours before each meeting at the town's web site.

Attend a Meeting: Any citizen of Weymouth is welcome to attend any meeting of the Committee of the Whole.  Members of the public may only speak at the meeting if the chair allows.  It is the tradition of the Weymouth School Committee to allow and encourage citizen participation when feasible.


Agendas, Minutes, and Documents

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