Collective Bargaining Sub-Committee

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Collective Bargaining Sub-Committee

Members: John Sullivan (Chair), Rebecca Sherlock-Shangraw.

Purpose: to negotiate salaries and working conditions with all of the collective bargaining units within the Weymouth Public Schools. Contracts are ultimately approved by the full school committee.

Meetings: Unlike the meetings of the other subcommittees, meetings of the Collective Bargaining Sub-Committee are generally not open to the public.  Massachusetts general law 30A§21(a)(3) allows public bodies to meet in "executive session" to, "discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining." Since this is the exclusive purpose for which this sub-committee meets, all meetings are closed and the participants are not permitted to discuss the details of the negotiations.  Technically the sessions begin and end as open meetings, but the combined time of the public portions of the meetings is typically less than one minute per session.

Current Contracts

Teachers (WEA Unit A) Paraprofessionals (WEA Unit D)
Administrators (WEA Unit B) Custodians (SEIU)
Maintenance (SEIU) Van Drivers (SEIU)
Traffic Supervisors Cafeteria Workers (SEIU)

(WEA is the Weymouth Educators' Association; SEIU is the Service Employees International Union)


Photo Credit: "Negotiation" by Pixabay. Used under the Creative Commons License.