District Administration

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Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Jennifer Curtis-Whipple (781) 335-1460 x20311 Superintendent
Susan Kustka (781) 335-1460 x20333 Assistant Superintendent
Mary Ann Bryan (781) 335-1460 x20311 Interim Assistant Superintendent
John Barker (781) 335-1460 x20321 Interim Director of Maintenance
Alpha Sanford (781) 335-1460 x20334 Director of Special Education
Mickey McGonagle (781) 335-1460 x20350 Interim Business Manager
Brett Lindholm (781) 340-2548 Director of Technology
Terri Marculitis Director of Humanities
Katheryn Shannon Director of STEM
Kevin Mackin (781) 337-7500 Athletic Director
Cathie Rebelo (781) 337-7500 x25203 Director of CTE
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