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Weymouth Public Schools has adopted the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards.  These standards are aligned with and enhanced to meet the Common Core Federal Initiatives.  To ensure that all students Pre-K to Grade 12 and beyond meet core academic requirements we have implemented a multitude of curriculum tools. These tools as well as our educators' expertise support our ultimate goal of college and career readiness. It is our objective to work collaboratively with families, community, and advanced learning associates to provide a pathway to college, career and beyond. The following information highlights some tools that are used to support the implementation of Massachusetts Common Core State Standards.


OWL,Opening the World of Learning,  is a comprehensive pre-kindergarten program that systematically addresses the following domains:
• Social and emotional development   • Language and communication
• Emergent literacy: reading                • Emergent literacy: writing
• Mathematics                                      • Science
• Social studies                                    • Fine arts
• Technology                                        • Physical development

OWL is based on extensive research on early cognitive and social and emotional development. The program systematically builds essential skills using research-based methods.

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Reading Street Common Core helps educators prioritize instruction to support higher levels of reading and writing.

  • Increase text complexity in reading
  • Provide accessible rigor
  • Balance fiction and informational texts
  • Build content-area knowledge
  • Emphasize close reading
  • Focus on informative/explanatory, argumentative/opinion, and narrative writing
  • Implement performance assessments
  • Integrate media and 21st century skills

EnVisionMATH Common Core was written specifically to address the Common Core State Standards and is based on critical foundational research and proven classroom results. It is organized and color-coded by the Common Core Domains, so teaching is highly focused, manageable, and coherent. enVisionMATH Common Core teaches all of the standards for mathematical content within a powerful concept-development skeleton grounded on big ideas of mathematics and related essential understandings.

The straightforward 4-Part lesson structure communicates daily to teachers both the Standards for Mathematical Content and Standards for Mathematical Practice that need to be developed with students and the conceptual underpinnings that need to be understood.

enVisionMATH provides deep conceptual development and understanding through daily Problem-Based Interactive Learning as a core part of instruction. This daily Interactive Learning is then connected with Visual Learning.

The enVisionMATH Student Edition presents content in more visual ways. Page layouts are clean, open, predictable, and easy-to-use. All art is functional, promoting understanding or providing data needed for problems. Visual models are consistent and, whenever possible, the visual and physical models remain the same across lessons to make teaching and learning easier.

The enVisionMATH Teacher’s Edition provides an instructional plan for each lesson that reflects the work that highly effective teachers do in the classroom. The Teacher’s Edition is visually appealing, easily connecting information (e.g. questions) to its point of use in the text. Teaching is grounded on rich questions and classroom conversations.

Assessment in enVisionMATH is an integral part of instruction, not an interruption. Both skills and understanding are assessed on a daily basis. Daily formative assessment leads to data-driven differentiated instruction, as well as information for interpreting results and intervention tasks.

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Grades 7 - 8

Students are provided a multitude of resources to learn the seventh grade and eighth grade learning competencies.  Students will be introduced to a new Mathematics program beginning in September 2014.  The Big Ideas Math program is aligned with Massachusetts Common Core and incorporates the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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Grades 9 - 12

Students in ninth and tenth grade develop the essential 21st century skills of problem solving, research, collaboration, technology, strategic reading, and communication.  This is done by building a strong foundation in Core Academies. Eleventh and twelfth grade students will have the opportunity to join one of six Career Academies. The Career Academies help prepare students for college and careers by engaging in a diverse program of studies crafted to create classroom connections to real world experiences. Students develop core 21st century skills and fulfill graduation requirements all while taking courses in areas of interest.

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