Alumni Hall

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The next annual meeting will be held in April 2017.

Welcome From the President 


This is the only authorized website of the true Alumni Association of Weymouth High Schools.  Please do not support "For Profit" sites that claim to be the Weymouth Alumni.  We are a non-profit association.  Contact the alumni at:

Current Board of Directors:

President:  Matthew Bryer
1st Vice President:  Elyce Hogan Erickson
Treasurer:  Julie Hackett 
Reunion Consultant & Secretary:  Paula Babcock Fuller

Directors: John Aherne, Phil Barthel, Rita Bleakney, John Boucher, David Daniel, Kemal Denizkurt, Robert Donovan, Richard Duseau, Catie Markesich, Linnea Hollander Norris, John Sheehan, Nancy Weisheim

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